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God has called us to reach the deaf worldwide by equipping churches for deaf ministries providing tools to reach the lost deaf; developing free schools  for deaf children who do not have means of going to school, and sponsoring other deaf ministries and orphanages. Just like other missions, the deaf also have their own language and culture.
CB Deaf Ministry helps you learn sign language by providing the tools you need.  Using our Worship Workshops and Workshop Specials make learning sign language becomes fun and easy.  We also provide prayer and ministry support to deaf ministries in Africa.

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Pastor Duke Alfred
Coordinator - Africa


We also hope to start schools in Burundi and Congo this summer 2012.


Please pray for these International Deaf Ministries, and if the Lord puts it on your heart to support them you can now do that through us! 100% of your donation will be sent to them.

Our prayer is that the Lord Almighty shall reward you immensely for all your supports and donations to see that this mission is fulfilled. Thank you for all you do to the glory of God.  -- Pastor Duke

The more we surrender to the Lord, the more He gives us. We praise Him for the amazing work He is doing through this ministry. We are so grateful also for your prayers and supports.

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